Thursday, November 18, 2010

In May 0f 1980, my son Richard divorced his wife Penny, leaving three orphaned girls, Beth, Lynn and Terri. He was driving an 18 wheeler coast to coast and could not keep them and the man Penny was living with would not take in the two older girls. Instead of putting them in an orphan home and taking a chance of splitting them up, he brought them to us. They arrived on my birthday, 1981. Terri started her first year of school here. By her starting school and being away from her mother, the first time she became so homesick we all agreed it best for her to return to her mother. After a period of time, Penny's parents Dee and Betty, offered to take Lynn who kept her until she graduated. Beth lived with us through high school and her year at Indiana University. After her first year at I.U. she has been pretty much on her own with a lot of help from us. During the summers since she came, she has worked with me on construction and remodeling. She liked this work, especially the carpentry and electrical part and made as good a hand as any man I ever worked with. She was the only girl we raised and I consider her a daughter rather than a granddaughter. We finally lost her in marriage to Kurt Parsley in 1990. She got her B.S. and is now working at Bloomington Hospital.