Sunday, August 1, 2010

I better get back to my senior year of school. We WUS PORE in them days. Dad was working WPA for $48.00 a month. After he fed and clothed the family (except me...I had clothed myself since I was 12) there was not much left for books. I bought my math books, solid geometry and trig, and borrowed the rest from students who were not using them at the time. During this school year I worked for the school on some kind of Government program that paid $14.00 a month. I don't remember ever being broke. From the time I started passing a paper as a child, I could always lay my hands on a few cents. I learned early in life not to buy on credit. If I wanted something, I would save until I could pay cash. I found saving money this way was easier on my back than working for it. I have bought on credit but it was always 30, 60, or 90 days same as cash to establish a good credit rating in case I should need it. It was during my senior year I noticed the prettiest girl in school sitting across the study hall from me. At the time I don't think she knew I existed. The school bus slid off the road on the way home one evening and while they were getting the bus back on the road I got her attention by hitting her (not very hard) in the back with a snowball. This somehow did the trick. We just finished 53 years of married bliss this year.

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