Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Business kept falling off and in 1960, Frank sold the Buick Agency to Bruce Land who had a Pontiac Agency at 5Th and Lincoln, and Frank took over the Chevrolet Agency on 5Th Street. I went to work for Bruce because Buicks were my trade. I jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Bruce had Pat, a huckster wagon salesman (one who sells groceries throughout the country), as service manager. He spent most of his time writing incomplete work orders and hiding. I was still working on commission and again low man on the totem pole. Business had fallen off to the point I was only working three hours a day. After sitting on the bench most all day at the garage, I would go home, eat a quick supper, and then go to work installing appliances for Sears or Montgomery Ward. I soon decided it was foolish to sit on the bench all day then work until midnight. I quit the garage and started working for myself still doing Sears and Wards work along with some remodeling, painting, etc. I picked up work on my own and referrals from people I had worked for.

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