Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometime in the early winter of 1968, we were working on a job for Ann, when a nail ricocheted off a wall and put out my right eye. This was the beginning of eye problems that have plagued me ever since. Shortly after this accident I developed glaucoma in my left eye. It finally became uncontrollable with medication. In May 1992, I went to a specialist in Indy who put in a pop off valve. This keeps my pressure down but I developed a cataract soon after and was legally blind until July 1993 when I had the cataract removed and a new lens put in. I can now see to read, write, and drive in the daytime. It is like being let out of jail. Every time we needed anything we had to ask family or neighbors to take us.

Everyone knew our position and would say, "If you need anything, just let us know!"

I don't remember anyone ever saying, "I'm going to a certain place...would you like to go along?"

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