Thursday, July 29, 2010

...They lived about a block from a restaurant they ran on the corner of Holliston and Green. After cleaning up and changing clothes, they took me to see Dale. He was running a small gas station up in the hills of La Canada. He had an army cot and a hot plate and was living in the station. I came home with Dale's friends and spent the night with them. The next day I found an older couple who rented me a sleeping room and three meals a day for seven dollars a week. The same day I got a job in a car wash which joined the restaurant. This wash consisted of a building with a large circular moving track about eight feet wide with approximately five foot aisles on each side. The track, when full, would hold fifteen to twenty cars. My job was to chamois dry the side next to me, put the chamois in a washing machine in my area, get out two (one for each hand) clean ones, run them through the wringer, and dry the next car. We were paid by the car. I made $18.00 to $25.00 a week. I worked two or three weeks and saved $25.00 to make a down payment on a 1928 Chevy Roadster.

During this time, Dale had traded his station for a four room house with gas pumps in the front. I moved in with him and drove to work. I would get out and drive around on Sundays. The only places of importance I remember is going to the national Air Races in LA and going aboard the battleship USS Pennsylvania anchored off San Diego.

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