Monday, July 26, 2010

Eastman Kodak was giving every boy that was twelve in July this year a new Box camera. I don't know how I got to town (Terre Haute) to pick it up, but I do remember keeping and using it for several years. It was during my sixth grade, at Glenn, that I learned to like and appreciate math. We had a teacher by the name of Combs who had his left arm off at the elbow. He had a way of teaching math that all his students learned and liked. Math has been my favorite subject since then.

It seemed times got harder by each day. Dad worked for the grocery store owner to buy what we couldn't raise. Mom did ironing for some school teachers. I had a paper route. But we couldn't raise enough money to make payments on the mortgage on the difference when he traded homes. At this time you could live in your home for a year after foreclosure while you tried to redeem it. This was just a year's free rent because there was no money and everyone knew it. A few days before we were to be set out we found a house in Seelyville, a few miles east, owned by a widow who let us live in it just to keep it from sitting empty. We lived here one summer and about a month or so after school started.

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