Thursday, July 22, 2010

I remember us raising fryer chickens at one time. We had a nice new chicken house. At one end was an incubator where the eggs were put to hatch. Next to this was a brooder where the newly hatched were put till they grew to a certain size. These pieces of equipment were operated by Kerosene as we had no electricity. The chicken business was short lived because they got diseased and more died than were sold. We burned the dead in a four plate laundry stove and I can still smell them when I think back to this time.

My sister Eunice, brother William and sister Dorothy were born here in Fairview. The only one I remember was Dorothy. Mom's fourteen year old brother was staying with us at the time and the job fell to him to keep us three children in the front yard. We saw the Doctor going in the house carrying a black bag. When he left we were allowed in and there was a new baby. Of course, we all, including my uncle, thought the doctor brought her in that little black bag.

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