Sunday, July 25, 2010

We moved from New Castle to Glenair, a small coal mining community about eight miles east of Terre Haute, Indiana. Dad had traded his place in Clinton on three acres and an eight room house here. Here we really had some hard times. We raised a big garden and picked berries that mom canned. We picked strawberries, apples and peaches and took fruit for wages. We picked up enough coal that had fallen off coal trains to keep us warm through the winter. We lucked out on coal many times. I had a morning paper route and had to go to the Inter "Unban Line" (a large street car that ran from Terre Haute to Brazil). They would throw my bundles off for me to deliver. There was a rail line that went back to the mine about two miles away. They would park a line of coal cars on this track I passed every morning. When I would see parked cars, I would check them out for coal that had hung to the car. When I would find coal, I would inform dad before I passed my papers. Many times we would find four or five hundred pounds this way.

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