Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The only thing I remember about going to worship there was I was given the job of passing out the song books and New Testaments that were kept on a lower shelf of a stand table that was also used as the communion table. I was also allowed to hang onto the end of the bell rope as it was being rung. At this time I was seven years old. Families sat together. The best I can remember were there was a minimum of six families I can remember by name. There could have been more as the building was a fair sized little building. They didn't have a fall time preacher. Different men would read a scripture or give a short talk. When prayer was had, everyone got on their knees. Services were quite long then as compared to now, but no one seemed to mind, as that is what they were used to and they did go to learn. Where as now I wonder why most people go, that do.

I went (walked) to school here my first year and from the beginning of my second year until November. The only education I remember was not too pleasant. My sister Eunice started her first year when I started my second. I know this was her idea because I did not do this during my first year...we would go to a grocery store across the street from school and buy candy on dad's grocery bill. This practice lasted only one week as dad paid his bill weekly. Our education was with a razor strap instead of a pencil and paper. That's why we remember it so well.

As I said before we had no running water so dad shaved in the kitchen. We had a medicine cabinet on the wall between the kitchen and bedroom. He used the mirror on this cabinet to see to shave. He used a straight razor and had two razor straps hanging on the door trim next to the mirror. If dad wanted to teach us something we were not to forget, he always used this strap (mom used a switch). Before he would whip us he would take these two straps by the ends and separate them by pushing the ends toward each other then jerk them apart making a loud pop. This popping really scared us more than the strap on our bottoms hurt but it did get the message across.

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